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Gallwn, Gofalwn


How is my child doing?

With a focus on progression, pupils are no longer measured by grades or levels. Instead, the focus is on harnessing their individual progression, using a range of assessment opportunities throughout their learning experiences which will encourage pupils to consider where they are, where they need to be and what actions they need take to achieve this. This approach to progress will be reflected in their pupil profiles, which will provide a more holistic view of their learning, with a greater emphasis on formative and ongoing assessment, rather than ‘end of term’ tests. This allows teachers, pupils and parents to have a regular insight into each pupils’ progress. For this, we will be opening our doors to you all, so that you can see both what has been achieved and engage with your child’s education. We will share with you how you can support your child at home and invite you to work with us to design a curriculum which truly reflects our local area and the needs of our pupils. We look forward to creating a curriculum for the future alongside you and to inspiring our pupils to ‘Aim for the Highest’.