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Gallwn, Gofalwn


Welcome to the Drama Department

Drama is an energetic, engaging and interesting subject which allows you to develop your practical and academic skills equally. Studying Drama encourages pupils to think about the world and the society in which we live and their place in it. It is a current and topical course.

  • Drama helps pu pils to:
  • Communicate effectively
  • Work collaboratively
  • Empathise
  • Express opinions
  • Develop problem solving skills

Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4


Which teacher(s) should I see if I want more information about the course?

Mr. Wigley

What course will I be following?


Drama Specification

What kinds of things will I study?

You will be studying various theatre practitioners and their respective styles in order to create devised pieces of theatre as well as performing from scripts.

You will learn and develop your characterisation and performance skills.

How will my work be assessed?

  • Unit 1: Devising Theatre

Non-exam assessment: internally assessed, externally moderated 40% of qualification - 60 marks

  •  Unit 2: Performing Theatre

Non-exam assessment: externally assessed by a visiting examiner 20% of qualification - 60 marks

  • Unit 3: Interpreting Theatre

Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes 40% of qualification - 60 marks

How can I progress my learning in this subject after Year 11 and is this the course for me?

We do offer A Level Drama here in the Sixth Form at Dyffryn Taf, where you will get a chance to further develop your knowledge skills and understanding of the themes and topics you will have covered at GCSE.

There are many other Further Education courses that Drama leads the way to, such as Theatre Arts, Performing Arts BTEC and Production Arts BTEC. Following on from this, there are many reputable performance degrees available at universities, and Diplomas from Drama Schools.

If you have a passion for Film, T.V. or Theatre and the performance of the performers in these areas, it is worth considering drama. If you are expressive, creative and like performing in front of others, again it is worth considering Drama as an option for GCSE.

This qualification could be a gateway to a career in professions such as: Actor, Theatre Director, Teacher, Career in the media, Public Relations.

In terms of transferable skills, your communication skills, creativity, cooperation skills and public speaking skills will all have developed over the two years. These are all valuable skills that can be utilised in all areas of further education and future employment.

Key Stage 5

The following course is offered at A-Level.

Please click on the link button below.


Through Creative Collaborations and Whole School productions pupils have the opportunity to take a full part in Drama either by performing or helping out backstage. We regularly organise theatre trips to see professional productions in Cardiff, Swansea and Milford.