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Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department


Dyffryn Taf PE department empowers young people to develop the confidence to take part in different physical activities and to learn about the value of healthy, active lifestyles.

Actively discovering a sport to enjoy and developing an aptitude for it, helps young people make informed choices about lifelong physical activity.




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Physical Education
Addysg Gorfforol

Which teacher(s) should I see if I want more information about the course?

Mrs. Palmer, Miss. Roberts, Mr. Greves or Mr. Rumbelow

What course will I be following?

GCSE Physical Education (WJEC)

P.E. Specification

What kinds of things will I study?

This exciting course is a well balanced combination of both practical and theory work. Practical lessons focus on developing your skills, knowledge and understanding in a wide variety of different sports. Theory lessons will involve detailed study of topics such:

Health, training and exercise; defining health and exploring the health benefits of exercise. You will also gain the knowledge to develop your own training programme and how to monitor your own fitness levels.

Exercise physiology; studying the cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems and how they react to exercise.

Movement analysis; classifying the different movements that are performed in sport and exercise. Critically evaluating the technological developments that influence performers, coaches, supporters and officials across sport.

Psychology of sport and physical activities; exploring the mental processes we follow when learning a new skill. Classifying the characteristics of skilled performers as well as researching forms of motivation and the use of mental preparation to improve performance.

Socio-cultural issues in sport and physical activity; investigating the impact that sport has on society.

How will my work be assessed?

You will be assessed through your performance in your three strongest sports; one team sport, one individual and the third one can be either team or individual. (one of these sports can be a sport you play/compete in outside of school e.g.skiing, horse riding, martial arts. You will need to provide 20 mins of good quality video evidence to support the assessment process.) Alongside your main sport you will need to complete a Personal Fitness Programme.

All of the above will make up 50% of your final grade (these sports will be internally assessed by your PE Teachers).

The other 50% of your marks will come from your performance in an external examination which is sat at the end of Year 11.

How can I progress my learning in this subject after Year 11 and is this the course for me?

You can go on to study A-Level PE at the Sixth Form here at Dyffryn Taf and beyond that there are a range of different university courses which will allow you to further follow your passion for sport and physical activity.

This course is great for those who have a genuine passion for sport and exercise. It is important you have a keen interest in sport and are prepared to explore the theory aspects of the course across a broad range of topics.

You should be regularly participating in sport and exercise and be in a position to meet the practical assessment.

BTEC Sport

Which teacher(s) should I see if I want more information about the course?

Mrs. Palmer, Miss. Roberts, Mr. Greves or Mr. Rumbelow 

What course will I be following?

BTEC Level 2 Sport BTEC

Sport Specification

What kinds of things will I study?

You will study a wide range of topics linked to sport, physical activity and how the body and mind work together in response to training and exercise. Some of the topics we will cover include:

Fitness for Sport & Exercise

Practical sport (one sport)

Leading Sports Activities

Training for Personal Fitness

The Mind and Sports Performance

How will my work be assessed?

You will complete assignments (four units) set by your teachers based on learning outcomes set by the exam board.

Two units will be externally assessed; one unit is assessed via an online test and one unit will be assessed via a piece of coursework.

How can I progress my learning in this subject after Year 11 and is this the course for me?

You can study BTEC National Level 3 in Sport with us here in the Sixth Form at Dyffryn Taf.

This course could then allow you to access university courses in a whole range of different areas including Sports Science (Movement Analysis, Sports Psychology, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning), Sport and Leisure, Personal Health and Fitness, Sports Medicine, Sports Management, P.E. Teaching, Sports Coaching and Sports Physiotherapy amongst others.

These degree courses then open up a huge range of career opportunities in the rapidly growing Sports Industry. Health and wellbeing is increasingly becoming a real focus not just for individuals in society, but for governments around the world. Getting qualified in a sport/health/wellbeing based area will present some significant opportunities to get involved in supporting the health and wellbeing of the nation.


The PE department offers several courses post-16.

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