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Physics A level

The course is an excellent introduction to real-life physics used in a wide variety of careers. There will be mathematics, problem-solving and practical work all with a little philosophy and wonder thrown into the mix!A-Level Physics - Physics A-Level Resources for AQA, OCR and Edexcel

Pupils will be trained to think logically, carry out detailed and objective practical work and to present their findings in the formalised language of the scientific community.


How will I be assessed? (Assessment)

AS Unit 1: Motion Energy and Matter—20%.  - Basic physics; kinematics; dynamics; energy concepts; solids under stress; using radiation to investigate stars; particles and nuclear structure.

AS Unit 2: Electricity and Light—20%. - Conduction of electricity; resistance; D.C. circuits; the nature of waves; wave properties; refraction of light; photons; lasers.

A2 Unit 3: Oscillations and Nuclei—25%. - Circular motion; vibrations; kinetic theory; thermal physics; nuclear decay; nuclear energy.

A2 Unit 4: Fields and Options—25%. - Capacitance; electrostatic fields of force; orbits and the wider universe; magnetic fields; electromagnetic induction. Students then get the chance to focus their studies by choosing an area of interest that may suit their future plans. One section is studied from:

  • Alternating currents.
  • Medical Physics.
  • The physics of sports.
  • Energy and the environment.

A2 Unit 5: Practical Examination—10%. - Experimental Task (25 marks). Practical Analysis Task (25 marks)

What kind of work will I do outside the classroom?

Physics is a complex subject: you will need to follow up on lesson work with independent reading of materials, problem-solving and working in study groups with your peers.

What could I do at the end of my course? (Progressions)

This specification provides a suitable foundation for the study of physics or a related area through a range of higher education courses, progression to the next level of vocational qualifications or employment. In addition, the specification provides a coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study for learners who do not progress to further study in this subject.

Entry Requirements: GCSE Science BB or above.