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Gallwn, Gofalwn


Welcome to the Welsh Baccalaureate Department



Which teacher(s) should I see if I want more information about the course?

Mrs Sophie Jenkins

What course will I be following?

This is a course specifically for students at schools in Wales. The Skills Challenge Certificate is the part of the qualification which carries a grade. The ‘National’ Certificate gives grades of A*-C, and the ‘Foundation’ Certificate carries grades of Pass* and Pass. All students follow the same course and their grade is given at the end. Classes are organised in Year 10 in form classes, and in Year 11 in sets.

What kind of things will I study?

There are three skills ‘challenges’ - two in Year 10 and one in Year 11.

Year 10 - The Enterprise and Employability Challenge - you will work individually and in groups. You will learn about different elements of business planning and team work before planning and pitching your own business innovation project. CVs, letters of application and skills audits are also part of this module.

Year 10 - The Community Challenge - you will work individually and in groups. You will learn about project planning and local community concerns before planning and carrying out your own community volunteering project linked to a local need. Time planning, resource management, health and safety and the impact of volunteering are all part of this module.

Year 11 - The Individual Project - you will work individually and with increasing independence. You will learn and develop research skills, evaluate evidence, use a variety of sources and handle data, before putting together a research project on a topic of your own choosing. ICT skills, enquiry and investigation, creating balanced conclusions and reviewing the writing process are all part of this module.

How will my work be assessed?

All project work is assessed internally and moderated by the exam board. There are no exams and the work from across the two years contributes to the final grade.

A variety of skills are assessed within the challenges including: creativity and innovation, personal effectiveness, digital skills, literacy, organisation and planning, and numeracy.

How can I progress my learning in this subject after Year 11? 

This module will support your skills and confidence in any A-Level, BTEC or college course you choose after GCSEs.

This course is also widely respected by employers. There is also an Advanced Skills Challenge course which can be followed at Dyffryn Taf’s Sixth Form.



All students study the Advanced Skill Baccalaureate Wales.

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